Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Helllooooo out there...........

Hello! Long time no see, not sure if anyone will actually read this but write it I will anyway! Wow, it's been a considerable amount of time since I last updated so will provide a recap of our mad and busy life over the next couple of weeks.
It is off to work for me tomorrow so it is ta ta for now....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

NEVER take a 4 year old to see a big kid's movie :(

A week ago I took the kids to see Transformers-well tried to at any rate. The day started out innocently enough, we did all the usual stuff and then went to the shopping centre to see our movie. I took chips and other snacks with us to both save money and keep Conor happy but I obviously forgot that 4 year olds are notoriously unpredictable lol. I have taken him to movies before and he has been really good but they were animated ones which held his interest. This one did not interest him AT ALL.
We got there and all he wanted was his snacks and he began demanding them at full volume from the very second we sat down. After receiving them he began regalling me with a commentary of the theatre's decorating style- "look at that light mummy!" etc etc etc. I think I said "shush Conor" about a billion times all to no avail.
Anyway all was relatively ok until the snacks ran out and then it was a disaster-Conor was trying to climb on the seats, jump around, squeal etc etc etc until I felt like throttling him! In the end I gave up; told Mika and Cody that I was taking Conor out and they should just stay in their seats, watch the movie and I'd be right outside when they got out. I then grabbed Conor and left-I think the people behind us would have lynched us had I kept Conor there any longer!
As I was going out a security guy was coming in- probably on his way to tell us we had to leave
:( so luckily I got in first. He asked if it was too much for the little one and I said he was driving everyone nuts so we had to leave. He then took us out to get a refund for the tickets and let us wait right outside the door of the theatre where the kids were to wait for them. I was pretty happy about that.
Conor was ecstatic to be out and put on his 'I'm such a cutie' act for me-errrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Little bugger!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Yesterday we went to the Big Gig- an event organised to raise money to charity. It was held at a raceway (horses) and they had free rides, face painting and some free food and entertainment. Sounded REALLY great but I forgot that Brisbane has a lot of other people who ALSO like to experience this sort of thing lol!
There were people absolutely EVERYWHERE and you had to line up (sometimes for a loooong time) for EVERYTHING! The kids still got to have a ride each (Conor 2) and they got to play the slot cars a few times so they were reasonably happy. Conor went totally feral when we were waiting for the jumping castle-he thought that he should be able to just march to the front of the line and get straight on! He just freaked out when we had to wait.... and wait.... and wait.... and wait-for about 40 minutes! He was happy when he finally got his turn though, thankfully! He went on the Merry go round too, luckily the wait wasn't quite as long for that!
Still can't complain too much-it was free and free rides don't come along too often and free doughnuts and free fairy floss..........
Photos to come!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life is hectic right now!

Life is just crazy right now, just go go go! Well to start with I got the part time job that I went for and I am now working as a sandwich artist at one of the MANY Subway sandwich places in our area. It is going pretty well and I am enjoying it and enjoying the extra money and freedom that having a job (even part time!) gives you. It was quite difficult learning all the different varieties of subs, wraps, salads and dressings but now I just about have them all memorised now-I think!!
One thing that is not nice is that the cost of childcare went up due to my working now which totally is not good. I thought I would have to give up work ALREADY as the cost of daycare/after school care meant that I was not really coming out better off and if my hours dropped I could actually be much worse off because I would still have to somehow come up with the money for both! I looked into family daycare which turned out to be much cheaper and better for Conor too I think because it is a family environment and she only looks after 3 other kids. I went to see her on Saturday with the kids and was really impressed, she was a really lovely lady and very well organised and equipped. Conor took to her straight away which is amazing for him as he usually takes awhile to warm to new people and it was a relief for me! Hopefully all will work out well. He starts there in 2 weeks.
I got my results back for the two subjects I did over Christmas-2 credits! I was amazed to have done that well considering that I had nothing but disruptions over that time and found it difficult to find ANY time to study! I don't think I will attempt that again!!
We went to see a movie today- "Meet the Robinsons" which was pretty good for a kiddie movie. Conor was pretty good-sat still and watched it although I did have to shush him many many times!! He was so funny though and I don't think (hope!) that anyone minded!
The kids are just at the end of their Easter holidays and they have had lots of fun I think, we went to the movies today, visited their grandmother yesterday, went to an Easter event last weekend, stayed over at their grandmother's, visited their great-grandmother and aunty, Mika stayed over at a friends etc etc etc! Cody went to a fun fair with a jumping castle etc which he loved!
Easter of course meant lots of eggs, lots of chocolate and yummy hot-cross buns-I just love them! The kids love the choc eggs of course and ate tons and tons of them and were just about bouncing off the walls-lots of fun for me!! lol!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today our house smells like a hospital-an odd mix of vomit, disinfectant and bi-carb............... Mika was sick on Monday morning 2am and better by the afternoon. Conor then threw up with NO WARNING at all Monday night (last night) all over my bed! YUCK! Then just as I was cleaning that up he threw up again all over the carpet-why I didn't have the bucket handy after the first spew I have no idea! Then he threw up a few times after that- all but one of them in the bucket but unfortunately one on the couch.......... Cody then started throwing up at 2am this morning, luckily in the bucket, don't think I could handle any more spewy cleanups!
So this morning has seen me madly sprinkling bi-carb to get rid of the smell, just got to vacume it up yet, it is bloody good stuff though let me tell you!
There is a bug going around the daycare-yesterday when I took Conor (when Mika was already sick) there was a teacher and a couple of the kids out with the same thing-sigh! At least it seems to be only a short sickness-Conor seems better today already and Mika is back at school.
On the positive side though, I have a job interview and short trial tomorrow-at Subway, hopefully I will get it as we desperately need some extra money!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I received my FIRST VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENT ever! I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from a very very good friend of mine. I think it was just because he felt sorry for me NEVER having received anything before (yes I seem to have a talent for choosing the most unromantic guys-sigh!) but hey it was still just lovely!